Helping the Disadvantaged Become Self-Reliant

Gupta Family Foundation is a private, nonprofit foundation headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, USA. Our mission is to support organizations that provide focused intervention in the lives of people who have been disadvantaged in some way to help them become self-reliant. We take a very broad view of “disadvantage” to include anything that holds a person back from realizing their potential, such as poverty, physical or mental disability, social alienation, etc. The foundation also supports relief agencies that serve people affected by emergencies such as natural disasters.

The foundation evaluates and awards annual and multi-year grants ranging from $5,000 to over $250,000 (USD). Our focus is on funding smaller organizations all around the world that are led by individuals with a deep personal commitment to their missions. Our selection criteria include:

  • Mission alignment
  • The organization is run by the founder or, if not, by a successor who embodies the original inspiration, passion and commitment of the founder.
  • At least 90% of grant monies reaches the intended beneficiaries.
  • The organization is non-sectarian, i.e.,
    • It does not, directly or indirectly, support or condone the proselytization of any religion,
    • It is not supported by or affiliated to a religious organization.

The Foundation’s Board members conduct site visits to grantee organizations prior to funding and periodically thereafter, to personally get to know the founders/leaders, experience their activities, and make sure that the organization is authentic, effective, and is being run efficiently.

Gaining such intimate knowledge of the organizations means that our relationship with the grantee organizations is trust-based so that we do not over-burden them with reporting requirements, which our grantee organizations have highly appreciated over the years.

Qualifying grantee organizations are typically US-based IRS 501(c)(3) entities although foreign organizations may also qualify for grants by submitting the GFF Foreign Entity Affidavit found on our Grant Application page. The qualifying process includes video interviews and site visits.