Our Community

Organizations supported by Gupta Family Foundation have many things in common. They are exemplary in the spirit and dedication of their founders, leaders, and staff. They each focus on helping individuals to help themselves and share a common belief in building the skills and attitudes necessary for self-reliance in those they serve.


  • Ashiyanaa
  • Beyond the Bars
  • Clinics Can Help
  • Cornerstones
  • Cure Glaucoma
  • Dade County Street Response (DCSR)
  • Disability EmpowHer Network
  • Doorways for Women and Children
  • FISH
  • GiveLove
  • Her Future Coalition
  • Michigan State University
  • Mobile Hope
  • National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR)
  • Northern Virginia Community College
  • OAR of Fairfax County
  • Operation First Response
  • Opportunity Scholars
  • Origin Project
  • PathLight Home
  • She Believes In Me
  • Sisters Circle
  • Starting Right, Now
  • TenderLove Community Center
  • Together We Bake
  • Tucker’s House
  • University of Michigan
  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • Wolf Trap Foundation


  • Academy for Severe Handicaps & Autism
  • Anmol Happy School
  • Balavidyalaya
  • Child Aid Foundation
  • Hope Foundation
  • Jabala Action Research Organisation
  • Manavodaya
  • Manjul Preschool
  • Salaam Baalak Trust
  • Swashray
  • Very Special Arts India

South America

  • El Hombre Sobre la Tierra [Mexico]
  • Inga Foundation [Honduras]


  • Daraja Academy [Kenya]
  • Global Camps Africa [South Africa]
  • Kenya Connect [Kenya]
  • One Girl Can [Uganda]
  • REACH for Uganda (formerly Arlington Academy of Hope) [South Africa]
  • RISHI (Rwanda Institute for Speech & Hearing Independence)
  • United Through Sport [South Africa]
  • Zip Zap Circus [South Africa]


  • Friends of Thai Daughters [Thailand]
  • Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss [Mongolia]
  • Veterans International Cambodia

Academy for Severe Handicaps & Autism India

ASHA is a residential program for autistic children founded and run by a remarkable young woman, Jayashree Ramesh, who is trained in learning disabilities and whose family donated the house in Bangalore.

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Children who attend Happy School post together

Anmol Happy School India

Happy School provides free primary and secondary education to 400+ very poor slum children, including yoga, meditation, dance, and singing classes. To increase the income level of the whole slum dweller community, Happy School also runs skill development and vocational training programs for parents and adults.

Ashiyanaa United States

Ashiyanaa provides comprehensive and culturally-sensitive services empowering South Asians in the US to lead lives of dignity, hope, and self-sufficiency. Their programs help clients navigate and access social services and community resources, raise awareness, and promote healthy relationships.

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Balavidyalaya India

Balavidyalaya is a nonresidential, private, and nonprofit voluntary educational center for hearing impaired infants and preschool children from birth to five years of age.

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Beyond the Bars United States

Beyond the Bars is a worker center in Miami-Dade County dedicated to breaking the cycle of low-wage jobs and incarceration. They build the political and economic power of their members – who are workers with criminal records and their families – through leadership development, education, advocacy, policy innovation, and service provision.

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Child Aid Foundation India

Child Aid Foundation provides a safe, clean home for 50 previously homeless children in Vijayawada, and education for about 300 children of the slums. The children keep it clean and tend the grounds themselves as part of their education in taking responsibility.

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Young boy in wheelchair with thank you sign

Clinics Can Help United States

Clinics Can Help redistributes surplus medical equipment and supplies to children and adults in need. They accept donations of durable medical equipment and certain medical supplies from those who no longer need it and pass it on to those who can use it.

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Cornerstones United States

Cornerstones is a nonprofit organization that promotes self-sufficiency by providing support and advocacy for those in need of food, shelter, affordable housing, quality childcare, and other human services.

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Cure Glaucoma United States

The Cure Glaucoma Foundation is dedicated to ending glaucoma, a leading cause of irreversible blindness. They fund transformational research, provide care for patients, train ophthalmologists in underserved countries, and offer resources for patients with limited financial means.

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Dade County Street Response (DCSR) United States

Dade County Street Response (DCSR) is committed to serving the most disenfranchised communities in Miami-Dade County. Their unique service model brings medical professionals outside the hospital and into communities impacted by unaffordable housing, unlivable wages, climate change, and limited access to healthcare. DCSR’s programs offer free medical outreach and urgent care, case management, MedEd programs, advocacy, and disaster relief services.

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Daraja student holding a microphone

Daraja Academy Kenya

Daraja Academy, a Kenyan boarding high school for girls living in poverty, fosters social change. With a focus on rigorous academics, transformative leadership education, and a culture of peace, Daraja graduates are well-equipped to become the type of leaders needed today.

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Disability EmpowHer Network United States

Disability EmpowHer Network empowers girls and young women with disabilities through programs that focus on mentorship, skill-building, fostering supportive relationships, and transformational learning experiences. They provide opportunities to grow confident and develop skills to live independently and successfully in the community.

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Doorways for Women and Children United States

Doorways for Women and Families envisions a day when all people in our community live free of violence and have safe and stable housing. Our goal is that every family that walks through our door walks through another – into a safe home of their own.

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Community at El Hombre Sobre la Tierra

El Hombre Sobre la Tierra Yucatán, Mexico

Through the diversification of productive activities, preservation of natural resources, strengthening social identity, and increasing access to formal and non-formal education, this organization promotes the development of marginalized Mayan communities in eastern Yucatan to improve their quality of life.

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FISH United States

FISH responds to assistance requests for rent, utilities, prescriptions, medical items, and other emergency needs. Our goal is to prevent an eviction, keep utilities from being turned off, and help people pay for necessary medications.

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Friends of Thai Daughters Thailand

Friends of Thai Daughters was founded to prevent child trafficking in Northern Thailand with education, shelter, and love. FTD has helped protect and educate dozens of girls and young women through its family-scale program.

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GiveLove United States

GiveLove is a skills training organization dedicated to the teaching and promotion of Ecological Sanitation and composting. They work hands-on with schools, communities, and NGOs to provide affordable toilets and on-site treatment solutions for high-need and water-scarce areas.

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Global Camps Africa South Africa

Global Camps Africa equips South Africa’s vulnerable youth with the tools to lead healthy, empowered lives and make positive impacts on their communities.

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Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss Mongolia

The Global Foundation for Children With Hearing Loss aims to make a direct and lasting impact on the futures of thousands of children who are deaf or hard of hearing around the world.

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Her Future Coalition United States

Her Future Coalition is a female-led organization working to ensure that survivors of trafficking and other forms of gender-based violence, and girls at high risk in India and Nepal, have what they need to remain free, safe, and independent. They provide compassionate solutions to break the cycle of trauma, poverty, and exploitation, empowering through education and holistic support.

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Hope Foundation India

Since 2001, Hope Foundation has worked to support many people in and around Kolar, India. The organization largely focuses on helping abandoned and orphan children, and woman struggling with poverty.

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Inga Foundation Honduras

Working with farmers and communities to halt the devastating practice of slash and burn agriculture by providing a sustainable, organic, and low-cost alternative: Inga alley-cropping.

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Jabala Action Research Organisation India

The Jabala Action Research Organisation works with vulnerable children, especially girls, young women, and youth marginalized due to poverty, religion, and region. Children are empowered through training and capacity building, enabling them to recognize their potential and demand their rights.

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Kenya Connect Kenya

This organization engages and empowers students and teachers in rural Kenya to succeed in the 21st Century.

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Manavodaya India

Manavodaya, or Human Awakening, promotes a unique model of participatory development in the remote villages of India by helping beneficiaries establish and run their own self-financing groups.

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Manjul Preschool India

MANJUL Playhouse and Nursery caters to the underprivileged children who cannot otherwise afford quality education. Developing life skills and preparing the children for a brilliant future is the objective of MANJUL.

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MSU Spartan helmet logo

Michigan State University United States

Gupta Values Scholarships
The goal of the Gupta Values Scholarship at Michigan State University is to promote a life-long commitment to the core values of Integrity, Human Dignity, and Excellence among students via a scholarship and ongoing engagement with the donor representatives during their academic tenure.
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Ethics Lecture Series
The Gupta Family Foundation endowed the Ethics Lecture Series at Michigan State University in 2020, to address the urgent need to bring ethics to the center of every profession – business, politics, the judiciary, medicine, etc.
Each year, a speaker is invited to campus to share their personal experience with ethical challenges in their professional environment, and how they dealt with it.
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Mobile Hope United States

Mobile Hope provides support and emergency shelter to youth up to age 24 who are at-risk, precariously housed, or homeless, empowering them to become self-sufficient and experience improved well-being. They aim to help youth develop a sense of purpose and community.

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National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR) United States

National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR) is dedicated to improving the lives of those with autism spectrum disorders and their families in San Diego County. Since 2015, NFAR has been providing comprehensive, autism-specific training for high-demand jobs of the 21st century in areas such as software quality assurance testing, light manufacturing, data entry, document management, product fulfillment, and now, in cyber security.

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Northern Virginia Community College United States

The goal of the Gupta Values Scholarship at NOVA is to promote a life-long commitment to the core values of Integrity, Human Dignity, and Excellence among students via a scholarship and ongoing engagement with the donor representatives during their academic tenure.

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OAR of Fairfax County United States

OAR of Fairfax County focuses the energies of its 150 volunteers and 20 professional staff on helping offenders in the County criminal justice system and their families cope with extraordinary life situations and successfully integrate back into society.

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One Girl Can Uganda

Empowering girls through education to break the cycle of poverty and gender inequality in Kenya and Uganda. One Girl Can’s holistic model supports a girl from the time she leaves primary school, until the day she gains meaningful employment.

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Operation First Response United States

Operation First Response serves America’s finest – all branches of our nation’s Wounded Heroes/Disabled Veterans, Gold Star Families and First Responders with emergency financial aid. They offer financial assistance based on individual needs for rent, utilities, vehicle payments, groceries, clothing, and travel expenses. In addition to the Family Assistance Program, they have added several new programs over the years as they continue the journey with our Heroes.

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Opportunity Scholars United States

Opportunity Scholars connects families, schools, and businesses to create a low-cost career pathway to high paying jobs for low/middle-income high school students. They aim to create economic mobility in underrepresented groups, while building a pipeline of professional, career, and technology workers to invigorate local economies.

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Origin Project United States

The Origin Project seeks to inspire students to find their voices through the craft of writing about their Appalachian origins. When we connect to the stories of our past, we are able to build our dreams for the future.

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PathLight Home United States

Pathlight HOME is a Florida-based organization that provides affordable housing and economic opportunities to homeless and low-income individuals. They have helped over 7,000 people through their “housing first” philosophy. They also offer a free 12-week Culinary Training Program.
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REACH for Uganda (formerly Arlington Academy of Hope) Africa

Founded in 2004, REACH partners with communities in rural Uganda to improve the quality of their daily lives and realize their future potential through improved education, healthcare, and transformational community development.

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RISHI (Rwanda Institute for Speech & Hearing Independence) Africa

This new Health Center in Rwanda is helping young deaf children to develop language and speech. It is an off-shoot of an effective program already established by Balavidyalaya in India, which believes in the philosophy that it is the birth right of every child to speak. RISHI is starting out with two special educators who were trained at Balavidyalaya (Chennai).

Salaam Baalak Trust India

This trust ‘salutes’ the resolve of street children (in Delhi and other states) to live a life of dignity by providing them with care and love, along with essential resources and support focused on health, nutrition, education, and vocational training facilities to fulfil their dreams.

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Children and staff smile in front of an art project

She Believes In Me United States

She Believes In Me provides vulnerable children with nutritious food, which changes their day. Then, we teach them how to handle conflict, manage emotions, overcome setbacks, and build meaningful relationships, which changes their future.

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Sisters Circle United States

Through long-term mentoring relationships, Sisters Circle™ empowers at-risk girls to define success for themselves, make intentional decisions about their futures, and become self-sufficient young women.

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Starting Right, Now United States

Starting Right, Now ends homelessness for youth through one-on-one mentoring, providing a stable home, obtaining employment, teaching financial literacy/life skills and promoting educational achievement.

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Swashray India

Swashray is an institution with an aim to make ladies self-employed and self-reliant by imparting basic skills.

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TenderLove Community Center United States

TenderLove Community Center provides a safe, supportive environment where individuals recovering from domestic violence, incarceration, trafficking, marginalization, can learn life and job skills and make connections to wrap-around services.

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Together We Bake United States

Together We Bake’s vision is to be a replicable model job training and personal development program that facilitates placement of women into career paths within the food service and hospitality industry.

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Tucker’s House United States

Tucker’s House has helped transform hundreds of homes, making them safer, more functional, and more accessible places for children with disabilities to live, grow, and thrive. The organization connects local builders, therapists, donors, and special needs families in Middle Tennessee.

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United Through Sport Africa

United Through Sport uses sport as a tool to develop disadvantaged and vulnerable children and youth, aged 5-35. They use a pathway to success model with a holistic approach, focusing on health, education, and life skills development, to help youth in each age group reach their full potential.

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University of Michigan United States

Gupta Values Scholarships
The goal of the Gupta Values Scholarship at University of Michigan is to promote a life-long commitment to the core values of Integrity, Human Dignity, and Excellence among students via a scholarship and ongoing engagement with the donor representatives during their academic tenure.
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Ethics Lecture Series
The Gupta Family Foundation endowed the Ethics Lecture Series at University of Michigan in 2020, to address the urgent need to bring ethics to the center of every profession – business, politics, the judiciary, medicine, etc.
Each year, a speaker is invited to campus to share their personal experience with ethical challenges in their professional environment, and how they dealt with it.

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Very Special Arts India India

Established in 1986, VSA India works with differently-abled and economically marginalized children and youth in India. They offer expressive arts therapy, special education, and vocational training to empower individuals and help them realize their potential.

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Veterans International Cambodia Cambodia

The mission of VIC is to support people with disabilities in Cambodia who are victims of war and among the poorest and most marginalized in society. VIC empowers their beneficiaries to build better lives for themselves and their families through community-based rehabilitation.

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Wikimedia Foundation United States

Wikimedia is a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world. Through various projects, chapters, and the support structure of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia strives to bring about a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

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Teacher with students in Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through The Arts at Manjul school in India.

Wolf Trap Foundation United States

This program holds the strong belief that the integration of arts-centric educational strategies enhances early childhood development, including language and literacy, social/emotional growth, STEM skills, and “21st century skills”.

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Children hug and smile

Zip Zap Circus South Africa

Zip Zap is a vibrant, uniquely South African social and professional circus. Through circus arts we inspire and empower young people from all walks of life to pursue their destinies.

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