Our Community

Organizations supported by Gupta Family Foundation (formerly Apex Foundation) have many things in common. They are exemplary in the spirit and dedication of their founders, leaders, and staff. They each focus on helping individuals to help themselves and share a common belief in building the skills and attitudes necessary for self-reliance in those to whom they provide relief.

ArtSmart Santa Fe, NM

ArtSmart’s mission is to serve its communities by providing educational opportunities in the arts that promote confidence, self-discovery, and creative problem-solving skills.

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Doorways for Women and Families United States

Doorways for Women and Families envisions a day when all people in our community live free of violence and have safe and stable housing. Our goal is that every family that walks through our door walks through another – into a safe home of their own.

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Community at El Hombre Sobre la Tierra

El Hombre Sobre la Tierra Yucatán, Mexico

Through the diversification of productive activities, preservation of natural resources, strengthening social identity, and increasing access to formal and non-formal education, this organization promotes the development of marginalized Mayan communities in eastern Yucatan to improve their quality of life.

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FISH United States

FISH responds to assistance requests for rent, utilities, prescriptions, medical items, and other emergency needs. Our goal is to prevent an eviction, keep utilities from being turned off, and help people pay for necessary medications.

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Friends of Thai Daughters Thailand

Friends of Thai Daughters was founded to prevent child trafficking in Northern Thailand with education, shelter, and love. FTD has helped protect and educate dozens of girls and young women through its family-scale program.

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Global Camps Africa United States

Global Camps Africa equips South Africa’s vulnerable youth with the tools to lead healthy, empowered lives and make positive impacts on their communities.

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Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss

The Global Foundation for Children With Hearing Loss aims to make a direct and lasting impact on the futures of thousands of children who are deaf or hard of hearing around the world.

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Gupta Values Scholarship Herndon, VA

GVS provides scholarships to college students who have demonstrated a commitment to our core values of integrity, dignity, and excellence. In addition to financial support, students participate in growth activities.

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Hope Foundation India

Since 2001, Hope Foundation has worked to support many people in and around Kolar, India. The organization largely focuses on helping abandoned and orphan children, and woman struggling with poverty.

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Student weaving in Hopi School weaving class

Hopi School United States

This school plays an important role in maintaining the bridge between the Hopi tribal community and their history through the teaching of traditional Hopi skills and language. It also promotes a path out of poverty for many of the Hopi students who go on to earn a living from the skills they learn.

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Inga Foundation United States

Working with farmers and communities to halt the devastating practice of slash and burn agriculture by providing a sustainable, organic, and low-cost alternative: Inga alley-cropping.

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Kenya Connect Africa

This organization engages and empowers students and teachers in rural Kenya to succeed in the 21st Century.

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Khmer Association for Development (KAD) Cambodia

In 1999 Khmer Association for Development (KAD) was established by a group of Cambodian people who had different educational backgrounds including dentists, professors, medical doctors and community development workers to help rebuild after decades of civil war.

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Students playing ball at Las Canadas

Las Canadas Primary School Mexico

This unique school incorporates a certified, eco-curriculum that provides a more contextual education for its students living in rural Mexico. Students learn environmental sustainability, green construction, eco-technology, and other environmentally-friendly practices in addition to their regular curriculum.

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LivelyHoods Kenya

LivelyHoods is a non-profit organization and a Kenyan social enterprise, created to fund an environmental and livelihood program, which trains and employs door-to-door sales agents distributing life-changing products in slum communities.

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Manjul Preschool-Rotary Club India

MANJUL Playhouse and Nursery caters to the underprivileged children who cannot otherwise afford quality education. Developing life skills and preparing the children for a brilliant future is the objective of MANJUL.

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MSU Spartan helmet logo

Michigan State University Gupta Values Scholarship United States

The Gupta Values Scholarship is a $2.5 million endowed fund providing scholarships to MSU students that embody the specific values of integrity, dignity, excellence, and creativity. The endowment will annually support 20 students pursuing any field of study that reflects the Gupta values.

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Nashulai Maasai Conservacy Kenya

The first Maasai conservancy in the Maasai Mara to be created, governed, and managed by the people whose ancestors have inhabited this beautiful land for centuries, understand it intimately, and have sustained themselves and their herds in harmony with the natural life of this globally important ecosystem.

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NeoRajkot Foundation India

A not-for-profit institution conceptualized by a group of city-lovers that promotes events and institutions developing the cultural ethos and India’s heritage in all forms of art, music, literature, and humanities. 

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One Girl Can

Empowering girls through education to break the cycle of poverty and gender inequality in Kenya and Uganda. One Girl Can’s holistic model supports a girl from the time she leaves primary school, until the day she gains meaningful employment.

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Rescue Reston United States

The Reston Association, members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Reston Citizens Association, and most Reston residents also oppose the re-development of the golf course and support our position on this issue.

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Reston Historic Trust United States

The Reston Historic Trust (RHT) is an established community organization that preserves the past, informs the present, and influences the future of Reston through its educational programs.

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Sisters Circle

Through long-term mentoring relationships, Sisters Circle™ empowers at-risk girls to define success for themselves, make intentional decisions about their futures, and become self-sufficient young women.

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SosteNica Nicaragua

SosteNica promotes economic and community development in many regions of Nicaragua through credit, technical assistance, and outreach to low income businesses and small farmers.

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Starting Right, Now United States

Starting Right, Now ends homelessness for youth through one-on-one mentoring, providing a stable home, obtaining employment, teaching financial literacy/life skills and promoting educational achievement.

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Swashray-Rotary Club India

Swashray is an institution with an aim to make ladies self-employed and self-reliant by imparting basic skills.

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The Origin Project United States

The Origin Project seeks to inspire students to find their voices through the craft of writing about their Appalachian origins. When we connect to the stories of our past, we are able to build our dreams for the future.

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Together We Bake United States

Together We Bake’s vision is to be a replicable model job training and personal development program that facilitates placement of women into career paths within the food service and hospitality industry.

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UPO Inspire Washington, DC

Through technology training, UPO Inspire aims to improve the career prospects of locals residents who are committed to pursuing a path towards sustainability.  Because when people work their way out of poverty, good things happen.  Positive contributions to society.  Local businesses have access to top-rated technical skills.  

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Veterans International Cambodia Cambodia

The mission of VIC is to support people with disabilities in Cambodia who are victims of war and among the poorest and most marginalized in society. VIC empowers their beneficiaries to build better lives for themselves and their families through community-based rehabilitation.

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WETA Washington, D.C.

Public television and classical music for greater Washington, D.C.

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Student at Xocitl School

Xochitl School Huatusco, Mexico

Xochitl is an innovative elementary school that aims to develop capable young people with high self-esteem and help them achieve integrated personal development. In addition to the Montessori-based education program, children at Xochitl grow orchids, raise crops in school gardens, and care for the school property.

Cornerstones United States

Cornerstones is a nonprofit organization that promotes self-sufficiency by providing support and advocacy for those in need of food, shelter, affordable housing, quality childcare, and other human services.

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Teacher with students in Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through The Arts at Manjul school in India.

Wolf Trap’s Early Childhood STEM Learning Through the Arts United States

This program holds the strong belief that the integration of arts-centric educational strategies enhances early childhood development, including language and literacy, social/emotional growth, STEM skills, and “21st century skills”.

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Manavodaya Institute of Participatory Development India

Manavodaya, or Human Awakening, promotes a unique model of participatory development in the remote villages of India by helping beneficiaries establish and run their own self-financing groups.

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EmpowerTech United States

The mission statement of Los Angeles-based EmpowerTech reads: to educate, train, support, and empower people with physical and developmental disabilities through assistive technology.

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All American Assistance Dogs Tacoma, WA

AAAD provides service dogs to veterans with emotional or physical disabilities like PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, to help them regain independence and provide emotional and physical stability to their lives.

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Child Aid Foundation India

Child Aid Foundation provides a safe, clean home for 50 previously homeless children in Vijayawada, and education for about 300 children of the slums. The children keep it clean and tend the grounds themselves as part of their education in taking responsibility.

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Students at UNIFAT school in Uganda

Friends of UNIFAT Inc. Uganda

Founded to educate and instill values of peace in children displaced by violence, Friends of UNIFAT has grown from several children under a tree to a large primary school serving 1,300 children nursery through P-7. Even with limited resources, the school provides grants, low tuition, and high-quality education.

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The Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism (ASHA) India

ASHA is a residential program for autistic children founded and run by a remarkable young woman, Jayashree Ramesh, who is trained in learning disabilities and whose family donated the house in Bangalore.

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Balavidyalaya India

Balavidyalaya is a nonresidential, private, and nonprofit voluntary educational center for hearing impaired infants and preschool children from birth to five years of age.

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Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources (OAR) United States

OAR of Fairfax County focuses the energies of its 150 volunteers and 20 professional staff on helping offenders in the County criminal justice system and their families cope with extraordinary life situations and successfully integrate back into society.

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The Association of People with Disability (APD) India

APD provides education, training, and medical services to children and adults with disabilities, with the aim of equipping them to become successful in mainstream society.

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