October 6, 2016

Child Aid Foundation Facility Improvements

Child Aid Foundation (C.A.F.) is a wonderful non-profit school and dormitory for disadvantaged children near Andhra Pradesh, India. It provides local children with critical resources like nutritious food, clothing, shelter, education, vocational training, medical care, counseling, and job placement, all with the long-term goal of making each student confident, educated, and able to achieve self-reliance as an adult.

The school’s founder and director, Dr. A. Goswami recently sent us the video below showcasing two major improvements made to the C.A.F. facility with Apex Foundation funding:

1. LED Lighting Conversion

Every single light in the center was converted to LED cutting the energy bill in half and improving light quality both inside and out. The facility’s outdoor sporting grounds, garden, assembly/study area, and dining area all have new LED lighting brightening and extending evening activities. Inside, the staff offices and dormitories have been upgraded.

2. Water Purification System

A submersible water pump and reverse osmosis water purification system were installed providing school and dormitory students with clean drinking water 24 hours a day! There is a multi-spigot drinking area near the kitchen for everyone’s use.

“The projects have been a great improvement to our Child Aid Foundation center, and of great benefit for the many children under our care,” said Dr. Goswami. Apex Foundation is proud to support this vital resource for India’s children.


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