May 4, 2018

Gupta Values Scholars 2018 Washington, DC Weekend

The Gupta Values Scholarship (GVS) is a new and important initiative of the Foundation. Seeing how Apex has flourished under our set of core values – integrity, dignity, and excellence – the foundation searches for ways to extend those values outside of our company and into the world.

GVS provides scholarships to college students who have demonstrated a commitment to these values – at a critical point in the students’ lives when it can be difficult to stay on the right path. The scholarship aims to reinforce the core values in addition to providing financial support. The scholarship is unique in that recipients do not just receive financial support; they also participate in growth activities, including an annual visit with Margaret and Shashi in Washington, D.C. to engage in important conversations on ethics. Special speakers are invited to present and the students give their own presentations.

Most recently, Anne Holton a lawyer, judge, and former Virginia Secretary of Education spoke to the students on ethics. They also had a breakfast with Congressman Gerry Connolly and had the opportunity to visit another Foundation supported organization, OAR (Offender Aide and Restoration).

So far, the Gupta Values Scholarship has been received by a total of 28 students attending Michigan State, Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) or University of Michigan. Each year, seven new students enter the program.

View a slideshow of more activities from the visit

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