February 1, 2016

Supporting Advancements at Las Canadas Primary School in Rural Mexico

For several years, the Apex Foundation has been involved with a unique secondary school at Las Cañadas near Veracruz, Mexico.  The foundation provided a grant to this rural Mexican school in 2014 that helped them make significant structural upgrades including solar panels for electricity, tile floors, and a new open-aired multi-purpose room.

Students dance in the Las Canadas open-air school hall

Students dance in the Las Canadas open-air school hall

In 2016, Apex contributions continue to aide improvements allowing over 20 students to learn and grow in a much more comfortable environment suitable for education. In addition to general maintenance and upkeep, Apex Foundation funding allowed the school to replace inadequate bathroom facilities with a new multi-gender bathroom complete with composting toilets and a hand-washing station.

Composting toilets, you say? If you recall, Las Cañadas is a unique community devoted to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. The primary school for children between the ages of 13 and 16 incorporates a certified, eco-curriculum imbibing the community’s sustainable culture. Students learn environmental sustainability, green construction, eco-technology, and other environmentally-friendly practices in addition to their regular curriculum.

Alan and Paula Wright, both teachers at the school, continue to provide us with updates and photographs of the advancements Apex Foundation is supporting, as well as the happy students enjoying their beautiful school.

Students playing ball at Las Canadas

Students play hand ball (similar to baseball, but without bats or gloves) outside of the school building.

“This building, being a single space for a multi-grade school, has become more functional, thanks to Apex support.  Now that the multi-use area is complete, different topics, and distinct groups can be taught at the same time, by breaking the students into two groups. Thanks to Apex, the outdoor patio floor was completed, as well as a ceramic tile floor inside the classroom,” shared Alan Wright, Las Canadas English teacher.

Las Canadas School building

This side photo of the school shows the dining area and classroom on the left, and kitchen on the right.

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